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Everyone knows that only males have to go through circumcision, but many do not know much about this procedure. Do all men need to be circumcised? When is the foreskin is considered as overly long? In fact there is no medical standard for the length of the foreskin. Generally it is considered too long if the foreskin covers the tip of the penis over long periods of time. However, this does not mean that all men with this condition need to go circumcision. Besides, the decision is based on many different factors. For instance, Islam requires newly convert to do circumcision.

However, as the area between the foreskin and the tip of the penis is moist and warm. Certainly a favourable environment for bacterial overgrowth, which makes it easier to get infections such as balanitis. Moreover prolonged infection can cause the foreskin to contract. Subsequently cause phimosis and other penile problems. Therefore, it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention upon discovering any abnormalities in the penis. Apart from traditional surgery, circular stapler circumcision may be a better alternative to remove the redundant foreskin.

Adult Male Circumcision Indications

  • Convert to Islam
  • Foreskin / Prepuce Diseases
  • Phimosis
  • Paraphimosis
  • Long Prepuce

Medical Benefits of Adult Male Circumcision

circumcision prevents

Urinary Tract Infections

12x risks in uncircumcised than circumcised infants


63% reduction in circumcised men


1.5-3.0 fold higher risk in uncircumcised men

Penile Cancer

22x more frequent in uncircumcised men


2.5 fold higher risk in uncircumcised men

Cervical Cancer

2.0-5.8 fold higher in women with uncircumcised partners

Adult Male Circumcision Techniques


Using electrocautery knife to cut the excess skin. Generally it is better than traditional method using scissor.


This latest technology is very popular for its' quick procedure and good cosmetic result.


Clamp is second best but due to limited sizes for adult it is more popular among children circumcision.

Stapler Device Is Superior Than Others

Circumcision using stapler ensures no risk of infection, bleeding, or other common complications associated with conventional circumcision.


Mr Rudy

"I choose clamp method because it is quick and painless. Otherwise I could not return to work within a few days."

Mr Awang

"I never thought this stapler was so great and easy to apply. In other words, stapler is the best!"

Mr Susilo

"I am afraid of needles. I choose stapler rather than laser method. It is sutureless and heals very fast."

Mr Puspa

"Thank you so much Dr Hasbi for making my tool more attractive. More importantly, the ugly scar is gone!"

Mr Lee

"I was on the way back to Singapore. Therefore i decided to have a quick circumcision here!"

Mr Deepak

"My satisfied friend suggests me to do circumcision here too. Thanks doctor."

Stapler Circumcision Is Available at Our Clinic!

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