Balanitis and Phimosis in Diabetic Patients 

 October 28, 2022

By  Dr Hasbi

Balanitis and Phimosis in Diabetic is an Unique Sign

Balanitis and phimosis in diabetic patients is a treatable condition that usually happens in uncircumcised males. There are several causes of balanitis, including diabetes has been associated with balanitis.

When we see patients complaining of pain and inflammation of the head of the penis they have no clue that they have underlying high blood sugar. Most of the time they didn't have any other symptoms.

A recent study shows that balanitis is found in 12% of newly diagnosed diabetics. That is why we will conduct blood sugar tests for every patient with balanitis who is not done any tests recently.

Treatment often includes antifungal creams, antibiotics, better personal hygiene, and circumcision. Since medical treatments are usually not permanent we will advise them to go for circumcision.

Phimosis, a condition where the foreskin is tight and cannot be pulled back to expose the head of the penis, can be the first clinical sign of diabetes in an uncircumcised penis.

balanitis and phimosis in diabetic

Symtoms Of Balanitis and Phimosis:

  • A red, inflamed rash on the head and shaft of the penis or under the foreskin
  • Itching or burning in the affected area
  • A white, clumpy or yellowish discharge from the affected skin or from under the foreskin
  • Tight foreskin and painful when try to pulled back

Can Diabetic Patients Have Circumcision?

Yes, diabetic patients can undergo circumcision safely without any complications in the condition the blood sugar control is optimized. Usually, we use an HbA1c indicator less than 8.5% is generally safe.

The most common risks are infection and wound breakdown can be avoided as long as the blood sugar is controlled and good postoperative wound care. The doctor will prescribe some antibiotics as well.

Circumcision is the best and permanent cure for balanitis and phimosis. We have Dr. Hasbi who is an expert in circumcision and he has done thousands of male circumcision including for diabetic patients.

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